Prismatic Intelligence®: a certified process for revealing all hidden Talents

Prismatic Intelligence® is a particular and innovative approach to the personality developed by psychometrician Magali Norrito. Used in companies since 1993 to coach managers, it is now applied in HR consulting, training, professional and personal development. It is also used in schools, universities and even in family mediation. Original method and particularly effective against stress, it allows you to decipher your Talent in order to fully live your professional and personal life.

An approach certified by Executive Profiler®

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Magali et William NORRITO : Co-founders of Executive Profiler

The Executive Profiler research and training centre delivers Prismatic Intelligence® certification for France and also internationally. It organises the training necessary for the use of psychometric questionnaires and the methods associated with this innovative personality approach.

Professionals trained in the process acquire the title of Executive Profiler Expert and Coach in Prismatic Intelligence®. They work under license and are subject to the rules of ethics applied by Executive Profiler.

The acquisition of the license is subject to continuous training, monitoring of practices and participation in studies launched by the research center.



Facilitated learning on:

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A stream of personality analysis based on coping skills without pressure and under pressure


Prismatic Intelligence® is a stream of personality analysis based on the analysis of an individual’s adaptation strategies to their environment. Each person thus develops a specific Talent made up of particular characterising psychic prisms, for instance, the way of capturing information and processing it. In particular, the approach highlights behaviour under pressure that can result, for example, in phlegmatism, risk-taking or a high degree of vigilance.

This particular approach to personality combines both cognitive intelligence and behavioural intelligence. It gives the keys to increase performance while preserving the physical and mental well-being of individuals.


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“Everyone has Talent !” This is the basic premise of Prismatic Intelligence.


Prismatic Intelligence® represents a total of 16 different Talents. Each of them has a way of doing things within                the                            company. Associating an employee with a particular Talent allows for a better understanding of their personality and attitude in the organisation. Each of them will prefer to be managed in a specific mode convenient to their personal functioning as well as their level of autonomy.

Thus, the Leader, for example, likes to exercise his authority with regard to his collaborators. The Expansive, on the other hand, is both curious and has a real sense of contact, strengths that help him detect everyone’s potential. For his part, the Discrete is most often calm and courteous.

The latter accomplishes his daily tasks in silence but with the greatest care. 


A scientific measure for personality

The process requires measuring the level of Prismatic Intelligence® of each person to determine their Talent. This measurement is done using the Executive Profiler Assessment psychometric questionnaire for adults or the Teen Profiler for adolescents.

The confidentiality of psychometric data is subject to the General Data  Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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A management that respects the personal ecology of groups


An approach that is both creative and original, Prismatic Intelligence® makes it possible to discover each person’s hidden Talents and to mobilise them collectively to increase well-being and performance.

 Adapted to the business world, Prismatic Intelligence® becomes a comprehensive approach that gives managers the keys to collective intelligence. The approach consists of deciphering the types of intelligence, or “Talents”, of each employee in order to then be able to manage them with the management method closest to their needs. Collective intelligence maps provide human solutions to effectively manage teams.

An innovative and particularly effective method against stress and moral exhaustion

Prismatic Intelligence® in business is proving to be a solid means of reducing employee stress and preventing psychosocial risks within teams. The application of this method will thus allow employees to develop harmoniously. This innovative practice also assesses each employee’s relationship with authority and measures their degree of creativity. Therefore, the teams quickly become more efficient and gain considerably in efficiency.

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An approach that facilitates the implementation of new management methods.

Adopting Prismatic Intelligence® in a business allows managers to rely on a real behavioural audit. They therefore know how to effectively orient their management to achieve the necessary transformations. They learn to manage the transformation phases by adopting the most appropriate management mode according to the level of autonomy necessary for each employee.





An effective method to develop employees

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Remote team management, teleworking, agile management are all made easier.

According to the results of the psychometric questionnaires, the manager chooses the most appropriate managerial mode among four preferences: manager, coach, involving and delegator. Each of these is adapted to a particular level of autonomy. Thus, the manager corresponds better to teams respecting work routines while the delegator is better suited to self-sufficient teams.

A system of certifying trainings

Far from being an additional HR tool, Prismatic Intelligence is an approach involving all employees through a certification training system. Easy to understand, delivered in a fun way, the training courses support organisations in their managerial transformation by unlocking the full potential of their employees.

Publications on Prismatic Intelligence®

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