Prismatic Intelligence, what is Executive Profiler ?

What is Prismatic Intelligence ?

Developed by Magali Norrito, a psychometrician, Prismatic Intelligence is at the very heart of the training courses offered by Executive Profiler.


  • The arrival of Executive Profiler

In 1993, Prismatic Intelligence made its grand entrance into the professional life of numerous companies. It was formerly used to coach leaders to develop their hidden Talent, thus allowing them to develop their person and productivity.

 Now, 29 years later, this original and particularly innovative approach to personality has been extended to many other profiles and multiple other areas: human resources, training programs, professional and personal development, schools, universities and family mediation. This method is highly appreciated for its effectiveness in dealing with stress and the complete fulfilment it provides within the professional and private spheres.

  • Prismatic Intelligence: for whom?

Prismatic Intelligence is within everyone’s reach, professionals and individuals, companies, schools or universities… Nevertheless, all people in retraining or professional transition wishing to carry out training to become a Practitioner of Prismatic Intelligence must believe in everyone’s professional effectiveness. They must be convinced of the possible evolution of an organization thanks to the development of people and be attentive and committed to scientific approaches to human relations.

 Executive Profiler has set up a certification training program to integrate the knowledge essential to applying this method gradually.

Executive Profiler: a centre for the Talent of all

Dedicated to the study of Prismatic Intelligence, the Executive Profiler centre makes it possible to develop practical solutions for the development of people and companies.

  • A study and research centre

Founded by Magali Norrito and her brother William Norrito, Executive Profiler is an independent company in which the co-founder has worked as the creator of Prismatic Intelligence since 1993, while her brother joined her in 2010 to build a digital infrastructure allowing complete access and visibility.

 One of the research objectives is to study the impact of the method on behaviour outside and under pressure. Composed of experts trained by Magali Norrito, the centre’s team can actively participate in research while continuously benefiting from training on the centre’s discoveries.

 Thanks to all the services offered and the tools made available by Executive Profiler, many individuals and many structures (schools, universities, companies) have, each year, the possibility of carrying out quality professional and/or personal development to have a better knowledge of themselves.

 Increase your performance while respecting your ecology… That’s the ultimate goal!


  • Search for Talent with Disabilities

The pedagogies set up in this centre are based on different formats allowing us to consider various learning methods: videos, educational sheets, individual interviews… Moreover, always in the desire to take into account the specificity of each, people with disabilities are also welcome to discover their Talent. For this, practitioners are trained every year in various disabilities. For example, in 2021, DYS disorders were then put in the spotlight to be prepared to welcome them as best as possible. In 2022, practitioners will be trained in the particularities of Aspergers!

If you also want to benefit from specific and original services based on a process of research and constant innovation, trust the benefits of Executive Profiler. A last little extra not insignificant: the services can be financed by your CPF account!